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Indus.1 Release notes (November 13, 2023)



  • Jeroen Brens

    I thought the api-connection with Top Desk would be delivered this quarter. Is it still coming?

  • Maria Suurmond

    Re Q4 Outlook: I expected the authorisation mail for new users to be removed in Q4. is this still on schedule? 

  • Ameya Sapre

    Hi Jeroen Brens,

    At the moment it is already possible to send data from TOPdesk to BlueDolphin by utilizing the 'Events and Actions' module in TOPdesk and the BlueDolphin API, when activated as add-on on the BlueDolphin tenant. Information about the BlueDolphin API can be found at 

    When the Webhook service is available on BlueDolphin, which is planned for the end of Q1 2024, it will also be possible to send data from BlueDolphin to TOPdesk.

    Thank you,

    Team ValueBlue

  • Ameya Sapre

    Hi Maria Suurmond,

    We are currently refining the sign-up link feature to enhance user authentication. In our initial stages, we discovered a broader scope than anticipated.

    To prioritize platform stability, we plan to release the removal of the sign-up link in Q1-2024. 

    Thank you for your patience.

    Team ValueBlue


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