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    Ameya Sapre

    Information missing in the original post; hence closing.

  • Kim van Rooijen

    Hi Willem Janssen

    Thanks for your wish. I copied a small part of our post ''How to write an effective feedback post'': 

    Try to answer these questions in your post or comment: 

    • What is your wish?
    • Why do you want this wish?
    • Do you have a workaround? And if so, what is it?
    • How would you ideally solve the problem?
    • How big is the wish on a scale from 1 to 5? (1 = it would be nice, but definitely not necessary, and 5 = I cannot work another day without it).

    It's much easier for us to address a wish if we clearly understand the context of the wish and why it matters to you. 

    It would be beneficial if you could answer the questions you can find above. I really appreciate any help you can provide. 


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