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possibility to include views dynamically in another content platform




  • Official comment
    Erwin Dral

    Hi Gijsbert Kruithof and Renso J

    as part of the Atlantic.3 release, it is now possible to "republish a view", by overwriting an already published view. When you overwrite a published view, the name and URL does not change. For more information, see the 'publish a view'. This may or may not cover all aspects of your wish, please try it out and add a comment here! 

    (As @rob korving mentioned, a user can still only access a URL to a published view via a 'deeplink' after successful login.) 

  • Rob Korving

    Allthough i do like the idea, i think it will be difficult to implement. The main issue will be authentication. In fact, when you are logged into bluedolphin already, the embedding of an iframe works just fine. But of course this beats the purpose of embedding.

    We could implement a way to publish certain views so you can embed it without authentication, but that would also mean the entire world will be able to see your views as bluedolphin is a SaaS application connected through the internet. I'm not sure if you really want this to happen.

    So we need to be very careful with this, because it will most certainly mean that we need to lower our security measures.

  • Kim van Rooijen

    I am sorry for the late response. We have discussed this wish in the feedback meeting and we are going to add this wish to our wishlist. I cannot give any time-detailed information, but when I have more information I will update this post. 

  • Renso J

    Kim van Rooijen, any updates on this wish?
    I have an additional suggestion for this feature.

    To me it would already be helpful if we can create an embed link that strips / minimizes the 'chrome' of BlueDolphin and would only show the canvas and a zoom / pivot control on the canvas.

    Since we use our own identity provider, and we will publish our views on portals that use the same provider, our users are probably signed-in already and can view the embedded view without interruption. (My knowledge on the technical implementation is lacking on this bit, so I may be wrong

  • Kim van Rooijen

    Hey Renso J

    This isn't part of our roadmap this year, and therefore I cannot share a timeline with you. I will share your additional information in the next feedback session. When I have more information about this wish, I will let you know :). 

  • Lucian Nica | Kramp

    Hi, At Kramp we also find important this functionality to embed BD ArchiMate views into Confluence. We always get the feedback from teams that with "" is possible. Basically internally we see as the main "competitor" of BlueDolphin. From 2 main reasons, embedding support for Confluence and flexibility in design.

  • Robert Kuijvenhoven

    Ameya Sapre Eric Arts who can provide us an update of this wish? Is this already planned or not? It would be very helpfull at our side as well. Thanks in advance!

    Also strange that this wish states: Completed.... maybe partly, but then we should create 1 new wish for the embed view question. There are more open wishes about embed views in third party solutions.


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