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Design change in role administration

Not planned



  • Official comment
    Kim van Rooijen

    Hi Sander van der Linden

    I have discussed this wish and we will not add this to our wishlist. Maybe in the future, we will redesign the complete admin console. So it might be possible this will be part of a big UX improvement, but I am not sure about that. 

    But of course, I want to thank you for your feedback! 


  • Arnoud Willemsen

    Is it true that you are nevertheless always prompted with a "are you sure want to delete ...." question?

    This may prevent someone from actually really accidently deleting a role? 

  • Sander van der Linden

    Yes, you will get a popup to confirm. So, they could have known. However, since they had been updating several users/roles and in their hurry they just confirmed the popup without reading (as we all sometimes do...). I do agree that they should have taken more care, but to be honest the save and delete button are dangerously close together.

  • Kim van Rooijen

    Sander van der Linden Thanks for your wish :)! The save and delete button are close together, I agree with you on that. But as Arnoud Willemsen already mentioned, the pop-up message should prevent accidentally deleting something. 

    But, of course, I am going to discuss this wish with our product owner. 


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