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Make Archimate process relations created by making BPMN diagrams official configurable




  • Arnoud Willemsen

    Marco, I wish to understand more of your wish.

    Could you please elaborate on it?

    Should I understand this in the BPMN situation of a call activity (trigger?) and sub process (aggregate?) only?

    Where do you put flow?

  • Rob Korving

    I think Marco doesn't want to have the aggregation when using a call activity. When a call activity is used in a process and no relationship exists a trigger relationship should be used. If there are relationships no trigger should be created > if there is a composition it's a subprocess in archimate terms. Aggregation can be created manually before creating an official process, which also should result in not creating the trigger relationship.

    I think this could help in keeping your process structure clean (aggregation is also used in the process portal as a navigation/tree structure). As valueblue we use flow more often then trigger, i think i'd recommend to create a flow instead of a trigger. Or better yet, make this configurable per tenant.


  • Marco de Bock

    Thanks Rob. This is what I mean, yes.


  • Arnoud Willemsen

    Thanks Rob for elaborating.

    Configurable would be nice, yes.

    In our metamodel we use flow only for data integration between applications and trigger and composition between business processes. The last two relation types will then correspond with your explanation regarding call activity and sub process.

    Aggregation is not used.

  • Kim van Rooijen

    Hi all, 

     It'll be added to my monthly feedback meeting! I will update this post when I have more information. 

  • Kim van Rooijen

    I have discussed this wish, and it is a good wish, but it will not happen in the nearest future. We hope (but I cannot guarantee this) that our DEV team will start working on this at the end of 2022 or 2023. I suggest keeping an eye on the release channel. 

  • Ralph van Zandt

    Any news on this? I'm also very interested in being able to be in control in the relation being created when making a BPMN official with a call activity.

    It is possible to make a trigger relation between 2 processes whereby on of the proccesses is a call activity of the other, but then a aggregation relation is made. This can be deleted and the link still works (you can click on the call activity to open the linked proces), but in the BPMN view a exclamation mark is shown stating the linked object is deleted. This is not the case, the linked object (process) still exists, but the aggregation no longer exists.

    I would like to be able to link 2 processes and have the functionality off "clicking through" to the linked process without the effect of being nested (aggregated) to the other as a sub-proces.

  • Rafael Bakker

    Hi Ralph van Zandt,

    I absolutely agree that this 'freedom' should be made possible. Ideally, you might want to connect other BPMN flows to (for instance) the start/end objects as well. We will take this requirement into account with the new BPMN module. 

  • MG || Gemeente Tilburg

    We'd love to have this as well - the way it works now doesn't reflect reality, as there is no(t always an) aggregation relationship between the officialised process and the process called upon by the Call Activity. This holds especially when a smaller process calls a larger (generic) process like "Hiring", "Paying", etc.

    A trigger relation would be more in line with reality (and theory), but making this configurable by either BD admins or the officialising user would be even better.

    As mentioned before, the exclamation mark is ugly, confuses users and is not true.


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