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[Wish] Sorteren van 'Mogelijke waardes' vragenlijsten (dropdown waardes)

Not planned



  • Official comment
    Ameya Sapre

    Hello all,

    This wish has not gathered much engagement and interest. We are closing it as not planned.


    Team ValueBlue

  • Kim van Rooijen

    Hey Sander Wannet

    Thank you for your feedback. I translated your wish for our non-dutch speaking BD-ers. Is this the correct translation of your wish: 

    The possibility to change the order to values in a questionnaire (type dropdown). 

    Could you also please answer the following questions: 

    • Why do you want this wish?
    • Do you have a workaround? And if so, what is it?
    • How would you ideally solve the problem?
    • How big is the wish on a scale from 1 to 5? (1 = it would be nice, but definitely not necessary, and 5 = I cannot work another day without it).

    Thanks in advance :)! 

  • Sander Wannet

    Your translation is correct.

    I do have this wish because on almost all of our dropdowns we have some options like “N/A” or like “To be decided” and we want that options to be always on the bottom on the list.

    A workaround could be to prefix the options to sort them alphabetically, but that is far from ideal

    I would like to see the ordering mechanism like the questions in the questionary itself

    We can work without this, so it’s a 1 or maybe a 2, we can do it without this functionality but it would be a great advantage to have this.


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