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When making data models, I want to be able to make a relationship from object A to object A (to make a tree).

Not planned



  • Official comment

    Hello Victor Bicknese,

    Thank you for your wish. I have discussed it with our PO and the decision was made that it won't be picked up in the nearest future. 

  • Gerard Michels

    Victor Bicknese, given the official comment. You can get the desired result with a workaround, that is with more clicking than you wish for. First create an association relationship from A to A (or v.v. if you wish) via one of the usual options to add relationships e.g. in the Relationships tab of data object A. Next you can use the 'Draw related objects' function to get it on your canvas. 

  • Victor Bicknese

    Thank you Gerard Michels, this is extremely helpful!


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