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I want to be able to make free shapes transparent




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    Ameya Sapre

    Hello all,

    This wish was realized by the opacity feature.

    Opacity – BlueDolphin (

  • Arnoud Willemsen

    Good one!


    I find my self regurlarly using free shapes to make a matrix with a horizontal and vertical outset for multiple aspects per outset, to show overlap.

    With transparent free shapes this would be better to communicate overlap.

    For instance with the '9-vlaks model' of Maes.

  • Richard Floor

    Very good idea! A few days ago, I needed this option too.

  • Sveta

    Hello all, 

    It is a good wish and it will be definitely picked up. It has been added to our wishlist.

    We hope to pick it up within a year. You will be informed when you get an option to make free shapes transparent.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us! :)


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