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WISH: Show latest preview on current view

Not planned



  • Official comment
    Ameya Sapre

    Hi Jan de Baat,

    Thank you for providing the details.

    Please note that we do not plan to support this use case.

    Keep sharing your thoughts with us.

    Thank you.

  • Ameya Sapre

    Hello Jan de Baat,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback on this feature.

    As I understand, the enhancement you describe would present the same view you are on with exactly the same information, but in the preview pane.

    Can you please confirm my understanding?

    Thank you.

  • Jan de Baat

    Hai Ameya,

    Your understanding is correct as far as you do not change anything on the view.

    As soon as you start working on the view, the canvas changes of course (as it would now) to reflect your changes, the preview view however will remain unchanged. This offers you the opportunity to view the changes as you progress with your work.

    Because the image in the right pane doesn't change while working on the view, it will prevent the necessity for additional calculation resources.

    Hope this explains what I mean.

    Thanks for asking.


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