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Default colors for "Object Definitions"




  • Roeland Loggen

    Yes! Very handy.

    To increase recognizability in views we tend to use different colors for different object types. One color (yellow) for all business architecture layer object types is not handy. 

    And we see that various architecture guilds suggest to use various colors, for instance:

    Now we update them manually to the right color after adding the object, but would be much handier to use template based colors, directly applied when adding a specific object of an object type. 


  • Jordy Dekker

    Yes. And what about changing the icon as well. Think about object definitions that are based on the same type, but you want to do something else with it ;). Colors won't fly when using a conditional layout, but the icon is sticky...

  • Eric Arts

    Changing the icon and the form of an object would realy be nice. (Like in Archi :) )


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