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Atlantic.2 release notes (March 5-6 2022)



  • MG || Gemeente Tilburg

    Very curious about the eagerly awaited download option from the Process Portal!

  • Erwin Dral

    Hi MG,
    did you try that feature already?
    How do you (and others :-) ) like it? 

  • Erwin Dral

    Hi fellow community members, we curious to hear your first impressions of Atlantic.2. 
    What do you like/dislike? 
    For example, we're very curious what people think about the new 'Public' category in the 'open view' dialog. Can you and your fellow users find views more easily?
    Or does the 'public' category mostly contain random views that should have been deleted or be private? 

    Any other new feature or fix in this release that you want to share your opinion on? Please do! 


  • MG || Gemeente Tilburg

    Erwin Dral We are very pleased with the download option including the descriptions at the task fields. It's a step in the right direction. However, the lay-out of the PDF could be improved in future updates of BlueDolphin. Feel free to contact me, but here are some thoughts:

    - Clearer distinction between roles by adding horizontal lines between them and use bold fonts for the names of the Roles.

    - Samed holds for tasks, maybe use italics to place more emphasis on the start of a new task / section in the PDF.

    - Add connected tasks or other BPMN-objects at the bottom of each task. Including the text (if any) on the relationship / flow line.

    - Text isn't always converted right from the 'Description' to the PDF. Bullit points (or - lines) aren't converted as is, but the text at a task gets all mixed up and falls of the document at the right. (We see a "þÿ" instead of a - hyphen).

    The first three are extras, I could make a wish for that.
    The last one is some kind of bug or mis-programming.


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