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[wish] Prevent information on BPMN-objects to change when published

Not planned



  • Official comment
    Ameya Sapre

    Hello all,

    We are closing this as not planned due to lack of upvotes.


    Team ValueBlue

  • MG || Gemeente Tilburg

    If you imply that the name of referenced objects cannot be altered, I would not agree with this wish. This would make working with BD more cumbersome.

    I agree though that a published BPMN view should remain unaltered. This wish was suggested a while ago, to keep the changes to a minimum and re-using objects that are just slightly different easier:

  • Roland Kaijen

    I'm not sure I understand you correctly, because changing the name of a BPMN-object (e.g. a Task) is not possible in a published BPMN-workset (however, changing the name of an ArchiMate-object from an published ArchiMate-workset is possible) - I think your wish is related to ArchiMate objects and views?

    I have created a questionnaire to add user or system instructions to the BPMN-tasks. These instructions can be changed from a published BPMN-workset, but don't 'travel back' to the base-workset used for future changes. There is a different approach to objects in ArchiMate and BPMN, resulting in this unwanted behavior from a BPMN perspective.

  • MG || Gemeente Tilburg

    Ah, sorry, I though you meant changing the names of Business Objects or Application Components or Roles that also show on your published BPMN views. Never mind then :)

    The wish I referred to was for Archimate views - but can just as well be extended to BPMN views (for the objects I just mentioned).

  • Roland Kaijen

    No worries - always good to see people in the community taking time to read and reflect on each others wishes!

  • BOFH

    This I think could be solved by enabling staging/LCM, see

    All of PRD would be readonly, modify objects in ACC by demoting or archiving and promoting ACC>PRD


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