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[wish] Bridging the gap between product wishes and product development



  • MG || Gemeente Tilburg

    Well spoken, I'm with you :)

  • Roland Kaijen

    Thanks for being the 'First Follower' ;-)

  • Roeland Loggen

    Agree agree agree. We did a recent count of our input: 

    Totaal 62  
    Geen reactie 26 42%
    Wishlist 15 24%
    Antwoord: Nee 8 13%
    Gefixed 7 11%
    Ingetrokken 1 2%
    Onduidelijk 5 8%

    And a number of high priority requests have been out there for more than 12 months, sometimes on 'The Wishlist', but no clue if and when they will be realized. 

    We have the feeling that VB nowadays is slower in reacting to feature wishes. I miss Kim van Rooijen :-(.


    I wonder why this is fuzzy. Some possible causes:

    - We lack power, and VB is dealing with high number of license-customers more. Possible strategy: unite, create a closed user group on LinkedIn, and work together in defining a wishlist.

    - VB is too busy with other stuff (perhaps focus on selling) / lack of resources

    - Other issues within VB


    I wonder...



  • Maarten van Schie

    I Agree! 


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