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Add relation between images, archimate objects, freeshapes, text, etc.




  • Official comment
    Sebastiaan Bosman

    Short answer: no, it's not. Drawing lines between free shapes / images and ArchiMate objects is more of a challenge because of the relationship data 'layers' of ArchiMate objects which do not work well with visuals. The functionality is not on our product roadmap, but we will keep an eye on the topic to see if more people share the wish, now that the image functionality is being used more. 

    I hope this provides a bit more context to our planning on the subject, Woning, Daniel.  

  • Sebastiaan Bosman

    Hi Daniel, 
    Thanks for the comment! Great to hear that you enjoy the image functionality and are already thinking of what could be next! 

    As you probably know, it is possible to draw lines between free shapes. We are currently working on a similar kind of functionality to draw lines and arrows between images (and between images and free shapes) to further improve the visual designs in your views. More info to come early Q1, stay tuned! 

  • Woning, Daniel

    Thanks Sebastiaan! That's a great improvement. Is the possibilty to draw lines between free shapes / images and Archimate objects also in the backlog? 


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