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Object hints in Architecture views




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    Sebastiaan Bosman

    Hi Nolen, Keith C

    Thank you for posting your wish and your patience while we were looking into an answer. 

    We do have parts of the solution to your comment on our roadmap, and have made a start in creating such functionality in the BlueDolphin platform. However, further development has been put on hold as we prioritized different functionalities in our past and upcoming releases, unfortunately. 

    Still, we are currently working on a course to teach the basics of ArchiMate to help those who are less familiar with the modeling language get up and running with Enterprise Architecture and BlueDolphin more easily. This is projected for release in Q2. 
    I hope that will help alleviate some of the support you encounter, and will help to standardize your ways of working. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about this topic. 

  • Nolen, Keith C

    Idea - this could be done with a specialization of the ObjectViewer functionality. 


    1. When clicking on an object in a view, an additional tab appears in the ObjectViewer 
    2. The tab title is the name of the object type
    3. The tab shows the standard description of the object from the OMG ArchiMate reference
    4. The tab lists the valid relationships in the instance for that object type
    5. Display of the tab is controlled at the user profile level with these options:
      A. Always show
      B. Show only in edit mode
      C. Always hide
  • Roeland Loggen

    Great idea. Same for BPMN!


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