Be able to send messages on a Workset level instead of object Answered
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Questionnaire Dependant fields. Answered
3 votes 4 comments
Ask to share a view Answered
4 votes 5 comments
Color view (level deeper) Answered
4 votes 2 comments
Open relationship properties from Data Logical view Answered
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Invoer van letters met leestekens verbeteren Answered
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Create Dynamic Timelines or Gantt charts Answered
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Use text variables within text fields on a view. Answered
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[OData] Expand OData feed to include additional data sources Answered
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Spider-tool in Hector.2 niet uitgebreid genoeg / Spider tool in Hector.2 not extensive enough Answered
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Outlining Answered
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Use text alignment in objects on view Answered
8 votes 8 comments
Multiple pools in a BPMN view connected by message flows Answered
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Collaborate working on the same view at the same time Answered
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Make Object Definitions easier to navigate the object hierarchy at scale Answered
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Add Workspace property to JasperSoft reporting Answered
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Make Achimate worksets more readable for "non-architects" - 3 quickwins Answered
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improve performance and usability of the User Interface Answered
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++ Search proficiency  Answered
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Flexibility in the UI on Field naming (vs consistency in data/reporting) Answered
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Enable us to display properties of an object on a view Answered
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Document and extend hidden feature of tables in activity description Answered
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Addition to crtl-click open view in other tab Answered
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Sequence diagrams Answered
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Change relationships between objects, without having to delete the existing Answered
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Clean HTML tags and ASCII from properity field Answered
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Columns adjustable Answered
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Berichten kunnen opschonen Answered
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Vragenlijsten bij PDF Answered
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Kunnen werken met layers in een werkset Answered
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