Copy and paste in the BPMN Planned
21 votes 7 comments
Wish: corporate logo available in diagrams Completed
18 votes 13 comments
Extra option for linking objects and freeshapes to external hyperlinks Answered
16 votes 9 comments
Use rich text format in views Planned
15 votes 13 comments
Spider-tool in Hector.2 niet uitgebreid genoeg / Spider tool in Hector.2 not extensive enough Answered
14 votes 1 comment
Vragenlijsten bij PDF Answered
14 votes 2 comments
add Archimate grouping element
14 votes 7 comments
Geen accountactivatie voor SSO (read-only) users (nu omslachtige procedure) Planned
13 votes 6 comments
Improve the visual indication of linked objects to views. Answered
12 votes 3 comments
A fixed URL to an official BPMN process Answered
12 votes 6 comments
Share a view with roles Planned
12 votes 9 comments
Allow data objects to be connected to relationships
11 votes 2 comments
URL as anchor/link for an shape Answered
11 votes 3 comments
Change width of the left browser in the Official Processes Answered
11 votes 4 comments
Sorteren van views op laatst gewijzigd en type Completed
11 votes 13 comments
Improvemement of user maintenance Answered
10 votes 4 comments
Order "Permissions" in a rol bij type: Archimate or BPMN Answered
10 votes 1 comment
Kunnen werken met layers in een werkset Answered
10 votes 4 comments
Copy object in BPMN view to another BPMN view in another process Planned
10 votes 10 comments
Ability to Draw shapes in BPMN views Answered
10 votes 8 comments
BPMN Views: Automatically create or apply straight angled cornered lines Answered
10 votes 7 comments
Data objects states to be visible on BPMN lines and data model Planned
9 votes 9 comments
++ Search proficiency  Answered
9 votes 2 comments
Tagging views Answered
9 votes 8 comments
Report on relationship in use in views
9 votes 7 comments
Details toevoegen aan een call activity
9 votes 1 comment
Excel/CSV import Planned
9 votes 3 comments
Wish: Admin User & Role Management improvements Answered
9 votes 5 comments
Copy & paste for BPMN and Data views
9 votes 12 comments