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How we process your wishes Pinned
2 votes 0 comments
Copy & paste for BPMN and Data views
9 votes 12 comments
Wish: The ability to lock a shape
4 votes 9 comments
Melding bij gewijzigde objecten / relaties op tekening
2 votes 9 comments
Koppelen van meerdere applicaties aan een taak
1 vote 8 comments
Report on relationship in use in views
9 votes 7 comments
Nesting niet alleen weergeven, voorstellen om relatie te leggen
5 votes 7 comments
Export user details to csv-file
1 vote 7 comments
add Archimate grouping element
14 votes 7 comments
Een object kunnen plaatsen (bijv. (?)) die na klik/een mouseover popup tekst kan tonen
2 votes 7 comments
Integrity check
3 votes 7 comments
Uitgebreide rapportage over vragenlijsten
2 votes 6 comments
BPMN Views: Show the contents of the description field when hovering over a task
0 votes 6 comments
[wish] Selecting multiple objects in a BPMN-lane
2 votes 5 comments
Thickness of a relation line
1 vote 5 comments
Wish: Website Statistics
7 votes 5 comments
Personal conditional formatting
4 votes 4 comments
Be able to see any linked view to an object
2 votes 4 comments
[wish] Bridging the gap between product wishes and product development
6 votes 4 comments
De-archiveren van objecten
7 votes 4 comments
Transfer ownership of view as a normal user
3 votes 4 comments
Search field for managing users
3 votes 4 comments
Grotere en schaalbare BPMN Gateway symbolen
2 votes 4 comments
Delen meerdere werksets in Admin Beheer
6 votes 4 comments
Ability to show data outside BPMN-lanes (meta-data)
1 vote 4 comments
Ability to visualize time targets in BPMN
2 votes 4 comments
Questionaires cannot be send for several items at the same time
2 votes 4 comments
Support for two languages
6 votes 4 comments