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  • Kim van Rooijen

    Hi Peter, 

    I moved your post to the right topic. Thank you for your wish. 

    I am curious if other BD users also think this would be a great addition to BD. Please comment or vote! 


  • Kim van Rooijen

    I have translated this wish: If I select multiple objects/shapes, I want to enlarge/reduce them together. 

    This is an existing wish, but unfortunately, I cannot give a time indication. 

  • Ray Stapel

    Look at powerpoint for inspiration.

  • Lvergeldt

    I also have this same wish, but I submitted a bit broader wish:
    With copy and paste formatting you would be able to copy the size of an object to another object, and also colors, text sizes, etc. 

    This product wish was one of the reasons for me to submit the copy/past formatting wish. 

  • Kim van Rooijen

    Maybe this simple workaround will help:

    If you are modelling using objects or free shapes, a neat trick to set them to the same size quickly is first to click the object or shape that you wish to use, then click on the other object(s) or shape(s) using CTRL and right-click on the other object(s)/shape(s) and select 'Alignment'> 'Set Same Size'. This same trick can be used to align objects next to each other using the 'Top', 'Bottom-', 'Left-' and other alignment options. The same can be used for text.  

    This wish is added to an existing wish, but unfortunately, I cannot give a time indication. 


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