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    Jordy Dekker

    Hi Elmar Zwankhuizen, There is an item on the roadmap where relationships will become actual objects and that allows you to add questionnaires and additional information to relationships. This is set for Q2 this year. After that (not on the current roadmap yet) we will also support creating relationships between relationships and objects.

    Does this answer your question? So keep your eye on the roadmap for the coming months ;).

  • Kim van Rooijen

    *update*: moved this post to the topic 'product wishes'. 

    Hi Emiel! 

    It seems that this is a wish, is that correct?

     If so, please read our guide on how to write a feedback/wish post. You can find it here. You can read all the information we need to really understand your wish. It's much easier for us to address a wish if we clearly understand the context of the wish and why it matters to you. 

    We have a special topic for all your wishes. If you confirm that it's a wish, I will move your post to this topic.

    So maybe you can give a little more details about your wish? 

    If it's not a wish, please let me know

  • Elmar Zwankhuizen

    Een belangrijke missende 3.1 feature is de relatie tussen objecten als object kunnen behandelen en kunnen voorzien van kenmerken.

  • Kim van Rooijen

    Elmar Zwankhuizen I have translated your comment: An important missing 3.1 feature is treating the relationship between objects as objects and providing them with characteristics.

    Is this a correct translation of your addition to this wish?

    For our non-Dutch speaking BD users, this original wish is to allow all Archimate 3.1 relationships. 


  • Elmar Zwankhuizen

    Ja, dit lijkt mij een prima vertaling!

  • MG || Gemeente Tilburg

    Hi Kim van Rooijen or Jordy Dekker,

    Can we still expect this feature any time soon or this year?
    To describe relationships (and follow Archimate) we would like to use this option.

    Use case: The description of a "koppeling" between two applications where data flows. We'd like to add metadata to such a system. This is impossible with BlueDolphin at the moment. Last week we've seen some colleagues working in another Archimate app where this was realised, much to the approval of us data stewards / architects.

  • Erwin Dral

    Hi Emiel and MG, we plan to add questionnaires on relationships in Q2 of this year.
    Planning can change (as we're all aware :-) ) 

    'Relationship questionnaires' is not the same as 'relationships as objects',
    but it depends on your exact requirements whether the Q2 plan would meet them or not. 
    Would like to setup a meeting to discuss in detail

  • MG || Gemeente Tilburg

    Erwin Dral that might be a good idea.

    I think there are actually multiple wishes in this topic:
    - allow all relations from A3.1 (so there's less admin work Emiel ?)
    - add the possibility to relate an object TO a relationship (this is shown in example with the association relation in Archimate 3.1, section 5.2.4) ~ this is a specification of the wish above
    - the relation itself as an object (this would be nice, I agree)
    - adding questionnaires on relationships

    I only really care for the one with the hyperlink :)
    Should I create a new wish for that?

  • Emiel

    Well i might need to rephrase my original 'wish'.
    I want to be able to use all the archimate relations as i would be able to in the freeware application: Archi.
    (so its not about which relations i can allow or not allow as an admin).

    Current relations that i miss for example: are groups. (grouping of different object types) and the flow relation where I can add data-objects to. But i dont want to be pinned down on those examples because primairly its about being able to use the full archimate language with all its relations and objects. 

    As for the objects we now use the actor object for roles because roles are not compatible in bluedolphin with the BPMN roles. The same goes for application processes which you cant couple with a bpmn map. 

  • MG || Gemeente Tilburg

    ..which is another wish (full use of BPMN language) :)

  • Bart Jan Schuit

    I for one miss that you can set Realization in more than just the strategic layer. For example, Archimate specifies that Business Functions and Business Processes can Realize a Business Service. 

    Is this the same thing as requested? 

    Edit: thanks to our great BD consultant Lars, we've figured out that setting a relationship between two elements can for some relationship types only be done from one of the two elements. In this case, I was trying to configure the relationship from the Business Service (where I couldn't add a realization relationship with Business Function or Business Process) but I was able to manage to set it up vice versa. So my problem is solved.

    However, you would expect to have these default Archimate relationships already defined and just being disabled, instead of having to set them up manually. 

  • michiel jeuken

    My wish is to associate a Data Object (gegevensobject) and/or a Business Object (Bedrijfsobject) with a flow relation to specify what information (Conceptual or logical data object) is exchanged between 2 applications and/or business actor/process.

    Not sure which topic in this community I need to vote for to raise priority


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