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  • Kim van Rooijen

    Thanks for your wish Emiel. What would be the perfect solution for you? 


  • Robert Kuijvenhoven

    Agree, it saves a lot of time when read-only is a role which sets everything on readonly at once (also newly added objects and relations). 

    Maybe when adding objects point out to current objects with their rights and copy those rights?

  • Kim van Rooijen

    I have translated your title and wish for your non-Dutch speaking BD users: 

    Setting permissions is too much work at the moment. Even if I give a role only reading rights, I have to set that default for each new object per role. 

    Emiel Can you please let me know what would be a good solution for you? 

    Robert Kuijvenhoven, thanks for your feedback! 


  • Rob Korving

    Kim van Rooijen i suppose less work to set permissions :).

    I'm pretty sure on overhaul of our rights is on our roadmap, including making it easier to configure. Could you check this?

  • Ray Stapel


    As a BD-admin

    I want de least rights by default when adding a role or object
    so I can't go wrong if I forget to look at the permissions after changing the convention-model.

    I want an overview in permissions
    so I don't have to click all the objecttypes to check what permissions are in place.

    I want to have documentation about what effect the different permissions have in the functionality
    so I know what I'm permitting.

    I want only the objecttypes that are activated in my permission-overview
    so the overview will give me insight. 

    This is what I would like in permissions.

    Good luck!


  • Kim van Rooijen

    This item is on our roadmap! 

  • Mike Scheerder

    Kim van Rooijen 

    You said that this item is on the roadmap. When do you expect this to be implemented?


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