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  • Kim van Rooijen

    Hi Emiel. 


    Thanks for your wish. I am curious to find out what other BD users think of this wish. Please vote or leave a comment! 

  • MG || Gemeente Tilburg

    Agree, it is even more often so that a Role takes up specific tasks within a process, instead of an actor (which is much more flexible).

  • Maarten van Schie

    At the moment we use a workaround and add roles to our actors. We use a field "Actor Type" to classify if an actor is a role or an actor. In this way we can assign roles and actors to BPMN lanes. 

    Not ideal but it works.


  • Emiel

    I know the workaround and we where also told it would be probably fixed in the first quarter of 2020.

  • Kim van Rooijen

    Maarten van Schie Thanks for your workaround! 

    I have translated your post Emiel

    Being able to not only use actors in the BMPN view. Wish: The possibility of using other objects besides actors. 

    I am going to discuss this wish. I will keep you updated when I have more information. 

  • Kim van Rooijen

    Hi All, 

    This is certainly something we will realize in the future, but this item is not yet on our road map. Until then, is Maarten van Schie's workaround the solution! 

    When I have more information to share, I will keep this wish up-to-date. 

  • Mike Scheerder

    Could you provide any updates about the status of this item? 

    It has also been a wish from our organisation for a while now to be able to add other object (besides actors) to an BPMN scheme. 

    To be able to add applications to a swimminglane is pretty standard for different processen inside our organistions. Due to automations it is very common to describe applications and actors for a proces. it would be a solution to add applications as actors in BlueDolphin. However adding applications 2 times (as an application and an actor) can confuse the users etc. 

    So our question would be if and when it will be possible to add actors and applications to a swimminglane


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