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Being able to start a unique Archimate library



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    Erwin Dral

    Hi Emiel, 

    we plan to release the first phase of a feature set called 'Business Units' early 2022.
    The feature will be in Beta, and it will only be available in your environment after we have enabled it for you (you should request this via support).
    'Business Units' are essentially workspaces with a subset of your content (objects, relationships, views).
    Users can switch business unit via a dropdown in the top menu.
    The object and view browser only show content from the selected business unit. 

    You could choose to use Business Units for your situation, ie a business unit as a sandbox or project workspace. 

    For a little more information on Business Units, see the roadmap presentation in the final 30 minutes of the BlueDolphin Day 2021

    Let me know what you think, either by leaving a comment here or email me directly.

  • Kim van Rooijen

    Hi Emiel,

    Thank you for your wish. I have translated it for our BD users how don't speak Dutch. 

    ''Project-related objects often do not fit directly into the enterprise architecture. With these 'temporary' drawings, I want to use the repository and create the objects and views outside the general repository. In a new library, for example, as is already used in the data module.'' 

    Is this a good translation for your wish Emiel

  • Robert Kuijvenhoven

    Staging is coming in 2021, then you will have more freedom to accomplish this. Although in my opinion project objects should fit in your enterprise architecture, that's exactly what you are trying to achieve with a repository. Model project objects and relations in line with EA to make sure it will fit in your landscape.

  • Ray Stapel

    This is a struggle for us too.

    We now use a field 'lifecycle' with indevelopment / production / tobedropped / dropped.

    Maybe we will add 'considered' before indevelopment.

  • Kim van Rooijen

    The first phase of transformation management will be part of next year's roadmap in Q1. Keep an eye on the release channel! 


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