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    Sebastiaan Bosman

    Hi Jan Lasschuit

    As an update on your wish: The feature is projected for release in Q3. 
    We understand that's a little wait still, but it will be there. 

    Let us know if you have any questions. 

  • Wilbert Goes

    Hi Jan, this BPMN wish seems new to me, we are going to discuss this and come back to it.

  • Jan Lasschuit

    Not new, but the answer was always: impossible ;)

  • Kim van Rooijen

    We will discuss this one at our next feedback session. 

  • Niké Vlasblom

    Hé Jan,
    I have the same wish. I use a lot of IST and SOLL too. A way to work around this is to go to edit mode and select 'save as' and rename the BPMN chart. Hope that helps in the meantime. 

  • Arnoud Willemsen

    My vote for Jan.

    It happens that you are modelling in one BPMN view and meanwhile conclude that specific objects need to move to another business process or sub process.

    This is possible between ArchiMate views, so why not for BPMN views?

  • Fenki Evers

    This is still a big wish!

  • Mvanschie

    And also a big wish from me!

  • Roland Kaijen

    Would be a great help since restructuring processes is part of the job - "first time right" is no longer part of our 'agile way of working' ;-)

  • MG || Gemeente Tilburg

    Gemeente Tilburg would also like this option very much.

    Use case: We have different executions of 90% identical processes, but the differences are key in understanding. The processes are different objects in BD. Hence, "saving as" doesn't work. Now, I need to redraw the entire process.

    Please make copying available (or "save as" for another process object).


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