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Usability: Dolphin or Timeglass when loading a page is slow



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  • Officiële opmerking

    Hi Roeland Loggen,

    Sorry for the delay with our response.

    Your wish has been discussed with our Product owner and I have to inform you that this wish won't be picked up, as it doesn't have a priority.

    Page loads slowly can have different causes:

    - speed of the Internet

    - how big the view is

    The workaround is indeed to refresh the page.

    If you experience the view loading too long, please create a ticket and we will look into a specific case with a provided example. 

  • Kim van Rooijen

    Hi Roeland Loggen

    Do you often experience that loading a view takes longer than expected? And if so, how often per day/week/month and how long does it take? 

    Thank you in advance:) ! 

  • Roeland Loggen

    Not regular and it differs per person per time per view (complexity) loaded.

    I assume you have monitoring tooling, so the question is perhaps better answered by ValueBlue?


  • BOFH

    Kim van Rooijen On a daily basis I have to wait 5/6 seconds on views with 40 objects on it


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