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Using templates to create new Architecture, BPMN, Logical Data views



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    Erwin Dral

    Hi Gert de Boom, Roeland Loggen Sander van der Linden and others, this feature is released with Baiji.2 (May 23rd 2022)! 

    ValueBlue packaged several 'view templates' into each tenant.
    When a user creates a new view, she can choose to create a blank view or create a view with the same contents as one of the packaged view templates. 

    The Baiji.2 release contains 4 view templates, ValueBlue plans to improve these, and package additional view templates in future releases (Baiji.3) 

    The current restrictions to 'view templates' are:

    • 'create from template' is is only available for Architecture views
    • view templates are not editable
    • view templates only contain free shapes, text boxes, lines (no objects, relationships, view objects etc). 

    We understand the restrictions limit the use and the usefulness of the feature somewhat.
    Please comment what you think of this new feature. 

  • Roeland Loggen

    Yes please. 

  • Jelle Visser

    This is a great idea! Would love to have this.

  • Erwin Dral

    Hi Gert, 

    thanks for your wish. 
    For clarification, can you elaborate on your remark, 
    "These named templates could be created like it is today"?
    Do you mean that
    1.  view templates should be owned by ValueBlue,
    'promoted' in knowledgebase articles View inspiration – BlueDolphin (zendesk.com) 
    and be made available in BlueDolphin as downloadable templates. 

    or do you mean 
    2. any view is a potential template, iow, there should be a feature in Blue Dolphin
    to 'promote' any view to be a template?

    or you meant something else? 

  • Gert de Boom

    The 2nd option. Any view is a potential template. Once they're linked to the new Archimate, BPMN, Logical Data option the promotion to a template is done. 



  • Sander van der Linden

    This would be very good and useful indeed!

  • Sander van der Linden

    Erwin Dral A good first start. Looks promising.

  • Roeland Loggen

    Hi Erwin Dral,

    Organizations typically create their own templates, with certain standards formats, navigation means and texts such as titles, versions, owners, goals of the view, etc. 

    I an happy that there is progress, but true value would be to be able to have custom templates company specific that we can maintain and publish ourselves. 




  • Gert de Boom

    It is a step forward / preview of what the functionality could be, but would get only real value once organizations could define their own templates. Hope to see improvements to this functionality in the future releases.

    Nevertheless I'm happy with the progress and how it works!

  • Erwin Dral

    Hi Gert de Boom Roeland Loggen

    thanks for your reply, we certainly agree there would be value in creating and using your own custom view templates. For now, this is not planned however.
    ValueBlue does plan to release additional view templates in the coming releases. 


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