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Moving objects in Archimate or BPMN views with arrow keys



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    Ameya Sapre

    Hi all,

    Moving BPMN elements with arrows is possible in the Alpha version of the new BPMN that is currently being tested by a selected group of customers.

    Thank you,

    Team ValueBlue

  • Roland Kaijen

    Fine tuning visualizations by using arrow keys to move selected objects around would be very helpful (and great for my sanity at more than one occasion)!

  • BOFH

    I generally use alignment + grid for this. If things get awkward, I use a placeholder-object as guide, sizing it as needed.

    If you disable snap-to-grid, helplines should become visible (as per https://valueblue.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360008824013-Align-objects-on-your-canvas-using-helplines) though I have not seen these.

    Actual working guides like they have in Photoshop/Visio would be nice

  • Nienke van Liempd

    I do use all those tools (alignment, grid, placeholders), but is can be cumbersome to move and object a couple of blocks on the grid. For me it not just in Archimate views, but also in BPMN views I would like to have the moving option, using the arrows. 


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