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[wish] Collapse/Expand BPMN subprocess



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    Sebastiaan Bosman

    Hi Roland Kaijen

    As an update to your wish: this is projected to release in Q3, as part of the larger BPMN upgrade. 

    Let us know if you have any questions until then. 

  • Roeland Loggen

    Good suggestion, BPMN compliant. 

    "The modal window" idea can be tricky: you still want to be able to click on an activity and see the description on the right hand side in the process portal.

    Workaround: call activity with a separate BPMN diagram.

    My pain: the lack in the BPMN standard of a sub process that one can use to hide/abstract a part of a process, but over multiple lanes. 


  • Roland Kaijen

    Good point about the ability to describe and attributize (if it's not a word... it should be!) tasks. It may fit into an modal window, but I agree it complicates things.

    I'm not a BPMN specialist, but my thought would be that hiding a part of a process over multiple lanes would be a call activity? The kind of subprocess I'm referring to is a set of tasks within the same lane.


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