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wiki functionality



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    Ameya Sapre

    Hello all,

    Wiki functionality is not on our roadmap.


    Team ValueBlue

  • BOFH

    Nice idea Sander van der Linden but you do know a wiki generally does way more than publish images. Maybe it's easier to enable BD to publish all objects and use another application as Wiki, facilitate user interaction there.

    How would you feel about the following:

    • turning a view into an object with attributes
    • makin all objects available through an API

    The AMEFF definition already describes how to export objects (including views), there is an API, what's the harm in creating an AMEFF API feed?

    Check out the following:

  • Sander van der Linden

    I think both are different use cases. Of course I know that a wiki does more than pictures, otherwise it would not be of added value. The pictures/views would support the other content of the wiki. The reason why I suggest adding this into BD instead of a separate wiki (of which there are plenty), is due to the relations between all the objects and between the different types of views. I think it will be difficult to have the same kind of dynamic and always having up to date information outside of the platform. Security might be an issue for some customers there. Actually, the links you provided also mention this.

    It is not that hard to create an export of an view (either AMEFF or PNG) and put that in an external application. One issue with that is, is that the PNG is static and the AMEFF must be understood by the external application, which is not that common. I don't know if Confluence understands AMEFF, we don't use Confluence.


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