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Ability to empty archive (delete objects)



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    Sebastiaan Bosman

    Hi Rafael Bakker

    As an update to your wish: in our upcoming release, we're optimizing the object search functionality, meaning that active/archived objects will automatically be filtered in your search results. 

    To Rob Pierweijer and Ralph van Zandt, a "permanently delete" option is currently not on our roadmap for 2023. We will add it to the backlog for 2024 evaluation, though. 

    Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

  • Rob Korving

    I don't really agree with your solution. Just an "search archive" option should be sufficient for searching (default unchecked of course).
    However being able to delete archived objects is also really needed. A slight mistake in naming already creates an archived object with no use what so ever.


  • Rob Pierweijer

    I think the current searching solution is sufficient. A enhancement is when you navigate to other parts of BlueDolphin and re-enter the object search part archive is no longer selected.

    Also I think that the option for admins to remove objects when they are in archive is a must. I'm not interested in what is deleted a couple of months ago or was created by accident, test and so on. The current situatie only creates a list that one on uses as there is to much crap in it.

  • Ralph van Zandt

    +1 from me.
    Besides cluttering the search results I also encountered strange behavior when recreating the object with the same name and recreate relations which exists on the deleted object. Certain relations appeared double referring to the old object and could therefor not be deleted.

    Also as mentioned before by Rafael Bakker, over the years the archive grows and grows and I can imagine this will impact performance as well.

    So a "permanently delete" option would be very much appreciated


  • Sebastiaan Bosman

    To Ralph van Zandt

    We haven't heard about the strange behavior you mention, so thank you for bringing it to our attention. Could you please create a ticket for this, so it is logged more effectively with us? 

    As always, let us know if you have any questions. 


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