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  • Olivier Blankert
    • What is your wish?
      Alignment of multiple objects in BPMN. Snap relationship arrows to the centerpoint of the edges of objects.

    • What is the problem you encounter?
      BPMN charts are not nicely aligned and relationship arrows are not 100% horizonal/vertical. Some people's attention only goes to the crappy design of the charts. Snap to grid Magnet is not working effective enough to produce nice results easily.

    • Why do you want this wish?
      Improves readability of BPMN's, Reduces design-times dramatically, reduces user frustration
    • Do you have a workaround? And if so, what is it?
      A lot of sweet and tears by manual alignment. Even this is not always working.
    • How big is the problem on a scale from 1 to 5?

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