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  • Sebastiaan Bosman

    Hi Martijn Veurink

    Thanks for your comment. I'll quickly translate for our international audience: 

    "In the diagram view of an object, the related objects are visually represented in the window. When an object has many relationships, these other objects are listed in such a way that not all objects are visible in the view." 

    Yes, we agree that this is not the best way to list the related objects effectively. Good one, thanks for bringing it to our attention! We will check with our front-end development team to see if / how this can be fixed. 

  • Martijn Veurink


  • Patrick Storms

    Up-voting this one. Got the same comment during an inspiration session with a client. A huge improvement would be the option to resize the diagram view (drag to make it wider). Now the workaround is:

    - Create a new view from the diagram to inspect it; but this pollutes the set of views

    - Open the diagram in 'Objects' instead of 'Views'. That module has more screen real-estate.


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