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Report on relationship in use in views


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  • Eric Arts

    Do you also want to be able to report on this data and do analyses on the data?

  • Rafael Bakker

    Upvoted :-)

  • Ralph van Zandt

    Eric Arts

    Hi Eric, I don't know what you mean with "report on this data and do analyses".

    I want to be able to create a report whereby I can see in which views a relationship is visible. If this means "reporting on this data and do analyses", then yes ;-)


    In the column "Used in view" I would expect the name of the views where this relation is used / visible.
    So, if Object 1 and Object 2 are in a view but the relation is not drawn in the view, it would not appear in the column, but if the relation is used / visible, then it would be in the column with the name of the view.

    If this can be achieved otherwise then via a report, that would be great, but I assume reporting is possible as the data is already available.


  • Eric Arts

    Ralph van Zandt to get data out of BlueDolphin you can use JasperSoft or OData feed.With Odata feed you can get the data in Excel or PowerBI. Currently the information about which objects / relations are on what view is not available in Odata or JasperSoft.

  • Sebastiaan Bosman

    Hi Ralph van Zandt

    I just wanted to check: did Eric answer your question sufficiently? Or is there anything else we can clarify for you? 

  • Ralph van Zandt

    Hi Sebastiaan Bosman,

    The answer from Eric Arts is clear, yet it remains a wish to be able to see within BlueDolphin where relations are used in views.

  • Maarten Stegmann

    Ralph van Zandt : interesting workaround you found ..... I will adopt it for now, thanks

    BUT @valueBlue   : this in NOT a solution to the problem we all experience


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