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Restrict edit rights to BPMN activity descriptions



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    Sebastiaan Bosman

    Hi Roeland Loggen

    We see how that's indeed a potential issue. It is in fact on our list to redesign the role and permission settings in BlueDolphin - that includes BPMN processes. 
    That is projected to be an active roadmap item for Q3 / Q4. 

    Do let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this topic. 

  • Rob Korving

    Hello Roeland,

    I don't think you have editor rights for processes when you can create BPMN views. Unless you also giving them access to create the modify right on the archimate object "business process".
    However, I do understand the issue. And I think you want to restrict access to certain processes. For me this is scoping of objects on archimate level (not just for processes).

    E.g. process1 you can edit (and create bpmn views for), process2 you can't edit and therefor can't create a BPMN for the process. 

    I don't think this is exactly what you ask for but it would restrict access to create BPMN views unless you have edit rights for the process. Would this work for you?

    We are redesigning security/roles and this includes "scoping" of objects.


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