Disruption: 17/12/2020
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Easy way to keep track of your work
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Permissions: what do they do? Gepland
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include a URL with a link in a text field and give it a different visible text/title.
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Archimate objecten op werkset die een link hebben ook visueel maken Beantwoord
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Different object name in view Niet-gepland
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Best practice source uploading to BlueDolphin.
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Continu zichtbare indicatie van gekoppelde werkset(s) aan objecten Beantwoord
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Typing immediatly when adding objects to a view Voltooid
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Copy Free shapes and text between BD environments Voltooid
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EA: Where do you see yourself in your organization?
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Questionnaire completeness and dependencies Niet-gepland
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Show relations from questionnaire in official processes Voltooid
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BPMN: go to corresponding call activity with double click Voltooid
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BPMN Views: Show the contents of the description field when hovering over a task
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BPMN Views: Restore the default color of an object in a BPMN view
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BPMN Views: Apply automatic layout Niet-gepland
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BPMN Views: Automatically create or apply straight angled cornered lines Voltooid
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Use rich text format in views Gepland
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BPMN: RACI matrix in BlueDolphin
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possibility to include views dynamically in another content platform Voltooid
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9/11/2020: 6 new freeshapes added
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Capture and use knowledge about data in BlueDolphin
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13/11/2020 Edge (Chromium based) added for support
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Mouse-over shows name objects Voltooid
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Search in name and title objects Beantwoord
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Increase usable screen real estate by removing top bars Voltooid
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Warning or option to undo after deleting Beantwoord
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Export BPMN activities (and data) to a report. Beantwoord
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