use API's for the exchange of data between BlueDolphin and other systems Gepland
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Abillity to add Metadata to a View and show it on the view Voltooid
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Use rich text format in views Gepland
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Export BPMN processes including a description of task fields Voltooid
7 stemmen 14 opmerkingen
kopieren objecten tussen views in archimate omgeving Voltooid
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Copy & paste for BPMN and Data views Beantwoord
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Boost 'view-friendliness' by layering Voltooid
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Wish: corporate logo available in diagrams Voltooid
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Questionnaire completeness and dependencies Niet-gepland
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Sorteren van views op laatst gewijzigd en type Voltooid
11 stemmen 13 opmerkingen
Multiple pools in a BPMN view connected by message flows Voltooid
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Disabling all color filters in one click Beantwoord
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Wish: notifications for EoL of Applications Gepland
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Allow all Archimate 3.1 relationships Gepland
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Dark mode Niet-gepland
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Copy object in BPMN view to another BPMN view in another process Beantwoord
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Using templates to create new Architecture, BPMN, Logical Data views Voltooid
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Extra option for linking objects and freeshapes to external hyperlinks Beantwoord
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Merging objects Beantwoord
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Data objects states to be visible on BPMN lines and data model Gepland
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Atlantic.1 release notes (released January 22-23, 2022)
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Wish: The ability to lock a shape
4 stemmen 9 opmerkingen
Making a BPMN process official bij NOT and admin Beantwoord
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BPMN message start event Voltooid
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Make Archimate process relations created by making BPMN diagrams official configurable Beantwoord
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Additional free shapes for 'Office' Beantwoord
2 stemmen 9 opmerkingen
Search in name and title objects Beantwoord
2 stemmen 9 opmerkingen
Share a view with roles Gepland
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Melding bij gewijzigde objecten / relaties op tekening
2 stemmen 9 opmerkingen
Tagging views Beantwoord
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