Indus.1 Maintenance.2 Release Notes (Stability Focus) (December 1, 2023)
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Indus.1 Maintenance.1 Release Notes (November 27, 2023)
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Text size should adapt when zooming in/out, so that it is readable at all times (like in Miro)
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Share multiple worksets at once with colleagues
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Verbetering tekstafbreuk
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Copying colored text is not copying the color of the text
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Wijzig rechten op relatie vragenlijsten zonder extra benodigde rechten
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Meerdere relatie vragenlijsten per relatie kunnen toevoegen
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Usability and Functionality Enhancements to User Management Beantwoord
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wens verbeteren inzicht in objectsoort in Diagram scherm
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Indus.1 Release notes (November 13, 2023) Uitgelicht
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Export and Import BPMn and Data/UML objects and additional information Beantwoord
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BPMN data in Open Data feed Beantwoord
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Alleen-tekenen rol Beantwoord
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Conditional layout applied to relations Beantwoord
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Indicate whether a view is Private / Public / Shared / official in Read Mode Beantwoord
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Extra option for linking objects and freeshapes to external hyperlinks Beantwoord
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Filter and sort relations in relation tab Voltooid
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Tree view in object browser based on aggregation - composition relation Beantwoord
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Transfer ownership of view as a normal user
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add Archimate grouping element
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Ability to show view metadata on a view and have it update automatically
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Werkset eigenschappen geven
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View kunnen delen op basis van rol Gepland
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[wish] relate BPMN intermediate events: connect throw to catch Voltooid
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Increase BPMN event options with error, cancel and escalation event Voltooid
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BPMN message start event Voltooid
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BPMN Views: Automatically create or apply straight angled cornered lines Voltooid
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Easier adding BPMN-object in existing flow Voltooid
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[wish] Collapse/Expand BPMN subprocess Voltooid
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